CEDIC team goes Namibia - Part #3 Southern Galaxies
NGC 3621
Southern Galaxies is the topic of Part #3 of our image presentation, where we want to share the results from our astrophotography-trip to DeepSkySafaris in Namibia. Astrophotographers from Europe and countries at similar latitudes visit Namibia from May mainly for the Milky Way center at its zenith. A sight we do not know in the northern hemisphere. But also away from our home galaxy you can find very interesting motifs at this time, among others some very large galaxies. Messier 83 can be counted to the absolute classics, it shows us a lot of details. Another highlight of southern galaxies are the antenna galaxies Arp 244 with its two extremely long tidal tails. NGC 3621, NGC 4945 and NGC 6744 with their very different appearances complete our part #3.
Messier 83 - B. Hubl
NGC 4945
Messier 83 wide field - B. Hubl
NGC 6744
Startrails Chalet - B. Hubl
Timelapse Chalet - B. Hubl
Arp 244