CEDIC team goes Namibia - Part #11 Nebulae in Ophiuchus
Messier 16 wide field
„Nebulae in Ophiuchus“ is the topic of Part #11 of our image presentation, where we want to share the results from our astrophotography-trip to DeepSkySafaris in Namibia. At the border between the constellations Ophiuchus and Scorpius we find a very well known and often photographed object complex: the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud. It is one of the closest star forming regions with a distance of only 407 light years. The colorful region is known for its large number of reflection-, emission- and dark nebulae. To conclude our series, we also show a Milky Way mosaic of 34 parts, made over 4 years in the northern and southern hemisphere by Bernhard Hubl.
Time Lapse Milky Way - B. Hubl
Barnard 44 - B. Hubl
Messier 16
IC 4603
Milky Way - Mosaic - B. Hubl