Ursa Major Observatory is a remote-observatory located in southern france. It is a member of ROSA (remote observatories southern alps), founded 2008 by Daniel Marquardt and Karel Teuwen. Ursa Major is hosting “Alkor”, an 10” Newtonian telescope and “Mizar”, an 5” Takahashi Epsilon for widefield imaging. In the past, I was imaging from different sites, but most of the time from Gahberg observatory in Upper Austria. From time to time I will release new images, so feel free to visit my website again. Last update: 2023-06-01 (NGC 3201) CCD Guide 2023 is available now!
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NGC 3201
CEDIC Team goes Namibia #8
NGC 5774 & NGC 5775
CEDIC Team goes Namibia #9